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Engelmann & Sitka Spruce Guitar Tops

Guitar Tops Production: starting from selecting the best quality of Engelmann & Sitka Spruce Logs, block them billets; cut into 5mm x 220mm x 550MM x 2 PCS/set for solid guitar tops. Slowly KD the tops so that they will not get any blue stain. Engelmann & Sitka Spruce Guitar Top are our major specialty products.

Sitka is a perfect source for soundboard because of its stiffness - it has the highest strength-to-density ratio of species. This feature supply superb tone quality, and that's why guitar builders around the world prefer Sitka. Sitka Spruce tree itself is one of the largest species in Canada, often more than two meters in diameter. The large size provides more soundboards; exhibits true near true VG grain quality. Old Growth Sitka Spruce can be virtually any grain spacing from 40 grains per inch to 8 grains per inch.

The color of Sitka ranges from white to creamy to very light brown. Virtually all Sitka has a 2-3 inch layer of pinkish wood. That makes for common pink shaded color in the center of many guitars.  

Engelmann has a mature tone, and has a slightly richer midrange than Sitka, which makes a guitar sound a bit deeper. Up to 40 meters tall, the Englemann spruce is one of the taller conifers in the southern interior mountain in British Columbia, Canada. It is found throughout southern BC and up through the interior.

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