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Canadian Engelmann and Sitka Spruce Logs/Cants

At WCLLI, we export Engelmann and Sitka Spruce Logs. We also do custom cuts.

We select the highest quality possible of spruce logs, custom cut them into 4-sides, leaving 1/3 wane (Canadian export rules) for export.




Characteristics of Canadian Spruce

Canadian Sitka Spruce softwood splinters easily when worked with machines or hand tools. It has moderate nail-holding capacity, average paint-holding capacity, and glues relatively easily. Canadian spruce wood contains a multitude of hard knots that dull sharp blades. Compare to Engelmann Spruce, Sitka Spruce is bigger in size and tend to be pinky in color.


We process spruce logs into cants for export to Music Industries and Japanese Markets for producing: 1. Guitar Tops, Piano Soundboards, Violin. 2. Japanese temple use such as Toba (Sotoba). This is a special product can only be exported with special orders.










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